Achilles:hero or coward

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The Heroic Age is the age of a kind of militaristic and noble society, whose leaders are enclosed by rigid code of personal honour and confidence and by the adoration of physical ability and personal belongings. This is the materialistic society that relates to the heroes in Homer's epic works. The hero is the main subject matter of most epic poems, the life of the hero is told throughout. The whole story is centered on …

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…lust, anger, and revenge--themes that will run throughout the course of history until this very day. Perhaps the western civilization was too quick to deem Achilleus a hero. He was brutal, savage and insanely proud. Perhaps that would make him a hero, except that he shows no kindness towards anyone until the very end. Throughout the epic Achilleus is mean, cruel and heartless. Now does that really sound like the portrait of a true hero?