Account for The outbreak of Spanish Civil War in July 1936

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To account for the outbreak of the Spanish civil war in July 1936, we must look carefully at all the possible reasons behind the outbreak of war. We must examine carefully the long-term problems and divisions within Spain and Spanish society, and then we must have a look at the intermediate problems of the Second Republic 1931-36. Finally we must look a the immediate problems just before the war started and look carefully at the military …

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…body in a cemetery in Madrid, Mola issued orders on the 18th of July for a rebellion. In concluding the radical policies of the Second republic along with many other long -term divisions within Spanish society all came to a head for a final civil war of wars in 1936. Possible without some significant factors in the long-term, intermediate and immediate causes, war may have been avoided. However with all these culminating together war was inevitable.