Absolutism in the 17th Century

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Absolutism in the Seventeenth Century In the second half of the 1600's, monarchial systems of both England and France were changing. In England, the move was away from an absolute monarch, and toward a more powerful Parliament. In France, the opposite was happening as Louis XIV strengthened his own office while weakening the general assembly of France, the Estates General. Absolutism, the political situation in which a monarch controls all aspects of government with no …

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…over to Napoleon, who in turn gave it to his brother Joseph. Ferdinand was imprisoned on Napoleon's orders and taken to France. Ferdinand VII, was also known as Ferdinand The Desired, when Royalist Spaniards rose to support him, against the Independant Spanish, who adopted the , for their own methods of rule. Napoleon was displeased at the Independent Spain, and felt that the Royalists would be better rulers, and ordered Ferdinand back from exile in France.