About the economic effects that september 11th, had on the US economy, and whether or not sanctions would be a good idea for the US to use against Afghanistan

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The world sat and watched on September 11, 2001, as America was struck with the first act of terror on American soil ever. Many thoughts passed through the minds of their citizens. Most pertained to the deceased and their families. The world sat and watched again a month later when President Bush declared a war on terror. The public acknowledged the need to destroy the terrorists and their infrastructure. Most approved of the bombing of Afghanistan. But …

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…to work for them. Maybe in the future when their markets are more stable America will be able to use sanctions for their benefit. New York especially has just started to pick up in the international markets. Why chance failure when you don't have to? For all these reasons I would advise the American government to continue what they have been doing, and to always remember those who died in the tragic occurrences of September 11, 2001.