A summary Report on "The Pardoner's Tale" from the Canterbury Tales. Includes interpretation.

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1) Geoffrey Chaucer, "The Pardoner's Tale," c. 1386 2) Main Characters: Three Rioters: these are three drunken Flemish boys who are also obviously very greedy. Old man: no one is really sure who he is. Some say he is just an old man and he is not important to the story. However, he could also be either death or the devil, either one luring the boys into their demise. 3) Setting/Significance: Bar in Flanders, and a tree in …

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…to town with, he could simply be finishing by showing how he suckers the people into paying him. However, he could very easily have had a more sinister meaning. He could have been testing his own skills by seeing if the Pilgrims would still pay even though he had admitted before that the relics were fake. Obviously the Host assumed the latter, since he said he would rather keep the Pardoner's scrotum as a relic.