A raisin in the sun

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“A Rai sin in the Sun” In Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun,” the Younger family faces numerous situations and dilemmas that obstruct their path to a better life and future. They struggle in obtaining money, finding their identity, and dealing with a prejudice society. Though, these conflicts only increase their pride, esteem and dignity throughout the drama. A place of poverty and poor communities—this is the south side Chicago where the …

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…decision and confront the struggles involved. The Youngers were a family of diminutive material possessions, but what they did have, dignity, counted the most. Through facing the most difficult of times—obtaining money, finding their identity, and dealing with racist attitudes—the Youngers went on to finer things in life. Life may be coarse, cruel, and difficult, but as long as one pulls through, their troubles are reduced greatly. Bibliography Bridges by John A. Williams