A proposed experiment on how lower income childern typicaly had a lower IQ and what would happen to those same childern if they moved into a better living enviroment.

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Neighborhoods Adolescent violence or aggression is a major issue in today's society. With events taking place on a daily basis of teenagers getting arrested for various crimes, it is a relevant concern. This area of psychology, adolescent development, catches my attention because I am hoping to major in elementary education, so what effects children and their behavior is very important to me. My goal in this experiment would be to see the results of a …

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…Being very fortunate to come from a middle class family, I have a different view point on these crimes that some of my friends do. I strongly feel that we are a product of our environment. According to our text (Page 294), several studies have indicated that an enriched environment could modify Intelligence Quotient Scores. With this I would assume that if IQ could be modified so could the likelihood to be convicted of a crime.