A new chapter of Scarlet Letter, if you are asked to compose an additonal episode, heres one

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"Hester, I have come by to bless you and to...," Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale's voice trailed off. However, it rose again to a barely audible whisper, "I can no longer live with this tremendous burden that weighs upon my heart as I watch you become a public disgrace at my expense. The guard believes I have visited you strictly for the purpose to give you God's grace and to convince you to release the identity of …

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…through whatever conditions. However..." Her voice began to grow softer and she placed her hand upon Arthur's, "If you are ready to go forward and do as you say I stand behind you completely." Arthur Dimmesdale's hand closed upon Hester's and he departed to the prison door remarking loud enough for the guard to hear, "If you shall have it that way Hester Prynne, then we shall never know of his identity, God bless you."