A modern day and occasionally comical paraphrase of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act Act III Scene V.

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Act III Scene V Capulet's house. Enter Romeo and Juliet on balcony. Juliet: Why are you going? It's not day yet. Why would you leave if it isn't night yet? Romeo: Look, honey, don't you see the sun rising in the east? The stars are fading and the sun has almost risen. I wish I could stay with you. But right now, its leave or die. Juliet: That light you see isn't day. I'm positive. …

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…That's my Jules. (pats Juliet on the head, or hugs her or something...) Juliet: Yep. Ciao! See ya later! (Waves as Nurse exits) I honestly can't believe her! She told me to marry Paris? How could my sweet Nurse have told me to marry one whom I have no feelings for? ... At least not any positive feelings. I'll go to the Friar and get his advice. If nothing else works, I could always kill myself.