A media analysis of the film 'Psycho' by Alfred Hitchcock. Looking specifically at voyeurism, third person narrative and the roles of both male and female characters.

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From the moment when Marian pulls up in her car outside the motel, there is a tense atmosphere which is created by the bad weather and the fact that she arrived in the dark. Using this setting makes us (the audience) feel slightly anxious even from the beginning, and also by using the second person camera angles we are made to feel like voyeurs watching Marian and her actions. When we are wanted to focus …

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…and looking over him, much like his Mother did/does and this creates two main feelings, sympathy as we think how he must feel not being able to live his own life, and also powerful as we are in his Mothers position. Overall camera angles, mise en scene, costume and props are the main media codes and conventions used in order to put across certain feelings, emotions, points of view and relationships between the characters.