A look on the Canadian Identity as a Canadian citizen and what it means to me.

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I can remember, a few years back, having a conversation with a teenage American while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He asked me where I was from and when I told him, "Canada," he simply smirked and looked away. I asked him what he thought about Canadians and he replied, "Why does it matter what I think? Don't you know who you are?" I was quite surprised with his response because I thought I …

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…I believe in it. I believe in myself as being a unique individual, but proud to say that I am Canadian. As your own opinion must be found through self discovery, I know that I have already come to terms with mine. Canadians are shaped by our beautiful natural landscape, diverse multicultural society and our separate beliefs and values from our southern neighbours, the United States. Those are three claims that are our to keep.