A look at post modern Architecture in California

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1. General Discussion Eric Owen Moss is in no way new to architecture. However, prior to the design and building of the Schnabel House Moss had designed few residential homes. Moss had always been associated with larger commercial buildings. This is a result of his close work with developer Frederick Norton Smith. Smith has designed a large portion of Culver City-an area located south of the Santa Monica Freeway-as the field of his endeavor. (Steele, 6) Moss's …

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…with clients' perceptions of danger in a city that is a petri dish of cultural experimentation and racial mixtures. Eric Owen Moss has chosen to use the Lawson-Westen commission as a commentary on those perceptions. The dominant drum at the center of the house speaks to a similar, most basic instinct: the preservation of the best and most fragile parts of a cultural legacy-an intention which has historically been behind all great architecture." (Steele 30) 9. Illustrations