A look at Thucydides Athenian Thesis, and what Socrates would think of it.

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"The Peaceful Acquisition of an Empire" Every nation in the world wants to rule that world. It is human nature to want to be the supreme power without any type of restrictions. To be that supreme ruler you have to do things in a highly unorthodox manner and then do some very questionable things. Most likely you will alienate yourself from your people, friends and the rest of the nations you conquer. You will merely …

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…and more. When that happens the emperor will lose his power, his respect, and his kingdom. His people will no longer support him because they have become bored with life. Their sense of nationalism will vanish and then they will finally be conquered. After they are conquered the loop of ungrateful subjects and the bad arts will finally start all over again. Overall Socrates provides a better argument for nation building than the Athenian thesis