A look at American classics: "Huckleberry Finn" and "To Kill a Mockingbird".

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A Look on American Classics As Huck Finn travels down the Mississippi River, he stumbles upon some people that are new to him. Scout rediscovers many of her fellow students, and close neighbors and she must endure the horrors of mans feelings and stereotypes. There are many things she does not understand, or is not meant to. Despite this, she seems to see through the cloud of deception wrought by her antediluvian elders, with the …

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…up Scout with the blanket." (72) All in all the world has its redeeming qualities and its downfalls, and people always find a way to exploit each other. In the end most people find the good in their hearts and let that show, because they know it's right. The others, however, find a way to do bad for their own gain, however small. People are puzzling, and they don't know who they really are. miranda holtan