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The Great Sea Rescue It was a cold September morning in 1838. The fog lingered along he cobbled streets of Hull like a veil of damp silk. I walked into a dingy hut, which smelt of stale tobacco smoke, musty and damp. There was a middle-aged man sitting behind a small desk, his eyes, grey and Piercing, though friendly looking. He spoke in a low husky voice. "Can I help you?" "Umm, yes," I replied nervously. "…

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…late to be of any assistance to us all, as Grace Darling the name of the fearless young lady who chanced her life to save us all had already done it. <Tab/> Grace did not live long to enjoy her heroic fame. I learnt that she had died from consumption at the age of 26. I owed my life to this lady but sadly never got around to letting her know so.