A description of a nutritional supplement/product which makes health claims that may be debatable. "Tahitian NONI Juice"

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Nutrition Report on nutritional product advertisement TAHITIAN NONI JUICE According to the advertisement that I chose, the product, Tahitian Noni Juice is made from the Morinda citrifolia plant, found in the islands of the South Pacific. The plant is believed to have a sacred background by natives of its origin, being referred to as the most beautiful plant in the islands. It has been used in Polynesia for centuries, but has just recently made its …

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…of nutritional product or program without understanding all of the benefits, and risks. People simply need to take it upon themselves to discover whether or not a nutritional product is a healthy choice. Talking to the right sources such as a nutritionist, or someone in the medical profession about the product you are thinking of trying is a good decision. You just have to be logical, and wise about decisions you make regarding your health.