A critical review and analysis of "Plague '99" by Jean Ure.

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"Plague 99" by Jean Ure Critical Response I've just finished reading a book by Jean Ure called "Plague 99". It takes place in London 1999, and is the story of three school children called Fran, Shahid and Harriet as London is terrorized by a terrible and deadly plague for which there is no cure. It all starts with Fran coming home from a camp, which is designed to test people's ability to survive with absolutely no contact with …

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…other people a lot, especially her parents and Harry. With them gone she has to become more self-reliant otherwise she won't survive very long. I found this book gritty, atmospheric and quite emotional. The character's personalities were all perfect for their roles, although I can't quite imagine how Fran and Harry became friends, as they are so completely different. On the whole a deep and compelling read. Well recommended for anyone with a strong stomach!