A comparison of Buffy and Dracula.

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As a feminist text, Buffy is an abject failure. Bram Stoker is much more successful in empowering his female characters. The feminist style of interpretation in literature is still fairly new and did not take an official beginning until 1973 . This style of interpretation focuses on finding information on the female experience and gender relations in texts. In regards to the essay question, this essay will attempt to discuss this statement in reference to the feministic …

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…will make of it, too! There's some consolation in that.' (Page 119) In conclusion, as a feminist text Buffy is a failure, maybe not an abject failure- but still a failure. Bram Stoker through Dracula is much more successful in empowering his female characters in comparison to Buffy. Though both texts have a certain degree of empowered females and feminist credibility in them, neither can be said to have outstanding qualities as a feminist text.