A comparison of Blake's "The Lamb" and Thomas' "Fern Hill"

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Although many poets have outlined childhood and virtue in their poetry, none have done it quite like William Blake. His two collections of poems, "Songs of Innocence" and "Songs of Experience" defined views on purity versus corruptibility during the romantic era. One of his more popular poems, "The Lamb" reflects the ultimate image of wholesomeness and childhood. Likewise, Dylan Thomas, known for his masterful use of language, gives a detailed account of his childhood days …

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…chooses to keep his poem pure, following it with "The Tyger", which is totally devoted to outlining the more tainted views and actions that come with maturity. Although Thomas was clearly influenced by Blake in "Fern Hill", he chooses to go a different path by claiming that once you have entered adulthood, you are tainted and there is no turning back, whereas Blake is convinced that a piece of that child-like innocence never goes away.