A character anylsis of Al Condraj from the book "Parsely Garden."

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Parsley Garden The qualities of carelessness and anger can be just as destructive as excessive pride. In Parsley Garden, Al Condraj has made many significant blunders due to his self-pride. In fact, his arrogance has gone straight to his head; Al thinks he is so great and is always right. Unfortunately, due to this absurd thinking, he makes many errors in judgment and doesn't fully think his ideas through before acting on them. Hence, this …

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…that he will leave an opportunity when there is even a slight chance for embarrassment or humiliation. Overall, Al's pride is extremely destructive. He is afraid to perform certain activities when he fears that he could be humiliated. Also, he makes large errors in judgment and does not fully think his ideas through. Hence, Al's frame of mind is created by his excessive pride and it largely affects and changes Al's life for the worse.