A brief Speech of Rome and against Riome discontinuing expansion From the point of view of a Roman Senator

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Citizens, I do not Dislike Emilian Valerius, in fact i'm sure he is a wonderful, well meaning fellow, In fact I agree with some of his ideas, such as Italian Citizenship but there we cease to agree. I belive we MUST fight. We fight not because we want to, we fight because we have to. As long as we are wealthy, as long as we are the GREATEST nation in the world, others will be …

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…weak. Tell me citizens, do you want to be weak? Do you want your children to grow up in a Rome where we are fighting for survival as opposed to spoils? Do you want to see Rome a tributary nation of some other empire? NO?!?! well than vote not for the fools who shout "peace" at the top of their lungs. Vote for those who can continue to make Rome prosperous. Bibliography Machiavelli's "the prince"