A Virtual community is different from the experience of a real community

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Is a Virtual community any different from a real community? Is the Virtual community real or imaginary? I plan to find out... Due to the enormous increase in numbers of internet users, over the past several years, virtual communities have been created and are being used by millions all over the world. Virtual communities are used for users to interact with other users whilst they are surfing the web. The Web allows immediate interaction, and …

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…the net, but I will consult a real life doctor for a resolution. Will virtual communities ever completely replace real life? I surely hope not! For me the answer is no. I enjoy them for what they are, but nothing can ever replace real life. BIBILIOGRAPHY http://www.nous.org.uk/Wertheim.html (8/12/04) Rheingold, H. 'The Virtual Community: in a Computerized World'. Secker & Warburg. 1994. Robins and Webster 1999 (lecture notes) Marshall McLuhan. (1964): Understanding Media.