A True Education

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A True Education Students from impoverished neighborhoods and students from economically secure neighborhoods; who deserves the best education? Better yet who deserves an education? In the opinions of both Mike Walzer and Mike Johnson everyone who desires an education deserves one regardless of their social or economic background. This is democracy at work, yet here is where the two men have their first difference of opinion. To Walzer, the goal of a basic education is …

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…of society. Basic education prepares the student for society, but specialized education gives the student the tools to adapt to societal changes. There is no perfect system, but by combining the philosophies of Johnson and Walzer one can begin to develop a well-rounded philosophy of education. *All information in this paper came from the article Scores Count and the text Classic and Contemporary Readings in the Philosophy of Education (pgs. 386-411). Bibliography article: "Scores Count"