"A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" by Betty Smith.

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This compelling, coming of age novel revolves around the Nolan family, which consists of Johnny, his wife Katie, and their two children, Francie and Neeley. Eventually, there is a third child, Annie Laurie. The family is close in spite of their home in the slums of Brooklyn and constantly fight poverty. In particular, the novel traces the growth and development of Francie from a little girl to a young insightful woman. The novel begins with …

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…too easy for Francie Nolan to allow the setbacks in life to overcome her. Instead, she faces and conquers her problems head-to-head. Ultimately, she succeeds in rising above her poverty. Therefore, Betty Smith, achieving her purpose for the novel, concludes the story in comedy for Francie and her family, who have managed to endure and overcome the poverty of their existence. Anyone who enjoys a novel about dedication and determination, will thouroughly enjoy this book.