A Study of Catholicism

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When "catholic" is used as an adjective, it means universal, open or general. I have read art magazines and reviews that have described certain art collections as "catholic in its uniqueness." The fact that Catholicism has its root in the word "catholic" is not a coincidence. In his essay "Catholicism: A Synthesis," Richard McBrien says that it is this notion that distinguishes Catholicism from other religions, Christian and non. The notion is that Catholicism is …

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…every aspect of the Church. Nothing goes unchallenged, whether it is " doctrines, dogmas or canonical directives." Richard McBrien makes some good points in his essay, "Catholicism: A Synthesis." He made the reader aware of how open the Catholic church really is. He also makes us aware of Christian realism and how it works in association the Catholic Church. He clearly defines his thesis, that the Catholic Church is defined by the configuration of its characteristics.