"A Southern Yarn" by R. W. Richards

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Book Review                                             The book I read was titled A Southern Yarn. It is an interesting story about what might have happened if General Lee had won a minor battle in the Civil War. The author, R. W. Richards, tries to convince you that the South might have possibly won, if Lee had won a small fight in the Battle of Spotsylvainia. Richards does a successful job, and makes the story believable, if a little far …

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…their independence.                  The South oddly enough, abolishes slavery in order to keep it's independence. The Southern leaders believed that if they abolished slavery, then other countries, including the U.S., would improve relations and get rid of the resentment toward them.                  R. W. Richards was born in 1947 in Albany, California. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1969 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Political Science. He teaches Government and History in Loudoun County, Virginia.