A Short History of Anti-Semitism in Germany

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The Second World War has left an unmistakable impression on the whole of Europe that will never be forgotten. Whether visible to the naked eye, or hidden in the consciousness of its people, the war has scarred Europe indelibly. Historically, the foremost recognizable perpetration against Europeans was Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution to the Jewish question”. This sophisticated operation of systematic mass execution was calculated, organized, and carried out with such horrifying efficiency that only …

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…would result in the extermination of millions of lives. These people were not war criminals, spies, military prisoners, or resistance fighters; they were simply people who had been struggling for generations to acquire religious freedom and autonomy. The 20th century’s most heinous offense would be perpetrated against a people who, like Walther Rathenau, were murdered because they were guilty of being Jewish. Source: "The Germans" by Gordon C. Craig, Meridian Publishing, New York City, 1983.