A Short Analysis of the Role of the Female In "Much Ado..."

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In the play, Much Ado About Nothing, the traditional role of the Elizabethan female is clearly defined by Hero, and then thrown out by Beatrice. Hero plays the submissive, weak victim whose place in society and life is determined by the affections of Claudio. On the other hand, Beatrice is somewhere between completely dependent on male recognition and completely ignorant of it. Beatrice is often mocked throughout the play for her complete denial of relationships …

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…it be by trickery, Beatrice succombs to the traditional ways and falls in love with Bene*censored*. She does not, however, give up her independence to be a pawn in the hands of Bene*censored*. The contrasting values of Hero and Beatrice not only make for an interesting story, but they give the reader an idea of how Shakespeare, and the people in the Elizabethan era viewed women and their place in society. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**