A Season in Purgatory

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A Season in Purgatory I choose this novel because it was very attention getting for me. Certain chapters even humored me, the type of book fiction this was suspense with a twist of thriller. My friend told me about the book so I decided to give it a try. The author Dominick Dunne also the author of an Inconvenient Women, The two Mrs.Grenvilles, Fatal Charms, People Like Us, and The Mansions of Limbo. He …

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…doings int he eyes of man, God is not asleep. He still look down from Heaven and there’s no fooling him. He will see to it you “wreep what you sew”. This book was interesting, funny, and very entertaining. I would definitely recommend this book to adult readers. This had a Great moral. In some cases leads your mind to wonder, but it brings you write back to reality. I gave this book a 9.5.