A Review/Essay on Todd Gitlin's book "Media Unlimited".

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In large scrawling bold letters on the dust jacket of Todd Gitlin's book Media Unlimited the phrase "The message is...There is no message" is written. This is not only an obvious ode to the writings of Marshall McLuhan, but also the way I felt after reading the strange labyrinth of a book. Gitlin has taken a unique approach in analysing our relationship with media, and its bombardment of our lives. Instead of attempting to …

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…then apply that to his writing. It is quite possible that Gitlin wants us all to utilize the wealth of information he has given us, and apply level it on a level which is most personal to us. The first step in comprehending media is admitting that you don't understand all of it. By doing this all preconceived notions will be shed, and you will be able to examine media in the purest way possible.