A Public Relations Proposal for the American Egg Board

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A Public Relations Proposal for the American Egg Board, 1997 "AN EGG IS ALWAYS AN ADVENTURE" - OSCAR WILDE Eggs should be avoided because they are high in cholesterol. This is the biggest MYTH that has cracked the good reputation of the egg in the past years. In 1945, the number of eggs consumed per capita each year was 402. Then the news broke - scientists discovered a link between high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and an …

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…His Throne" The New York Times, pg. F1, September 24, 1997 Kolata, Gina: "Scientists Ease Up On Fear of Eggs" The New York Times, pg. F3, September 24, 1997 The Lifestyle Market Analyst 1997 Chicago: 5RDS/Polk Co., 1997 Bacon's 1997 Media Directories Chicago: Bacon's Information Inc., 1997 www.usda.gov www.unitedegg.org www.cpit.gor www.aeb.org www.fightbac.org www.enc-online.org www.jesadv.com Additional Sources of Infromation * In-person interviews were conducted with members of the target audience