A Philosophical Essay Arguing Against the Theories Presented in "The Turing Test" of Artificial Intelligence.

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Turing the Technological Mind In recent years, as complex computer technology has become more advanced, many believe that the gap between a human's ability to "think" and a computer's is beginning to close. The concepts presented in the prolific "Turing Test" are often cited by those who support this belief as reason to endorse the fact that computers will one day have a mind similar to a human's. In this widely used test designed by …

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…human mind is something which is so complex, that it is impossible to recreate. 1.Searle, John (pg 377) Works Cited Searle, John. "Can Computers Think?" in Problems in Mind:Readings in Contemporary Philosophy of Mind, Jack S. Crumley II, editor, MAYFIELD PUBLISHING COMPANY, Toronto, 1999, pp. 372-378 of ix + 614. Turing, A.M. "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" in Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings. John Perry and Michael Bratman, editors, OXFORD UNIVERSITYPRESS, Oxford, 1986, pp. 375-390 of xvi + 815.