A Passage to India - charachter analysis of Dr. Aziz

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A Passage to India, a novel written by E. M. Forester, is an ironic story about the divergent cultures in British, India. In this novel two women, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Quested, venture to Chandrapore, a city located in British, India, to meet Ronny Heaslop. Heaslop is the son of Mrs. Moore and a potential husband for Mrs. Quested. They encounter native Indians and, contrary to the practice of other British living in India, they …

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…them, and finally he again develops ill feelings and hatred toward them. His feelings are common for the time during British rule in India where the British severely mistreat the Indians, and have no respect for them. Quested and Moore came to India with hopes of learning about the culture, but merely found themselves faced with the question that at one point or another came to all British: Is India a muddle or a mystery?