A New Take On The WBJ Model Dmitriy Koval

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Unlike mathematics and science, communication is such a broad field with so many facets that even the experts cannot agree on one definition. However, one of the most general and basic definition, which encompasses most others, is as follows: The intentional or unintentional transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals from one source to another. Since there are so many definitions floating around when you "google" communication …

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…go out in many forms to many different ends no matter how careful we are at tying to eliminate the surrounding people as well as devices from capturing our transmissions without our consent. Hopefully this will be helpful in displaying that when you send your friend a message, five people around you will most definitely absorb your transmission and may decipher it five different ways, creating five different interpretations of a simple, "Hey, what's up?"