A Narrow Fellow in the Grass

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Geoffrey Tobey Shelley Rees English 1320 March 8, 2000 Emily Dickinson’s “A Narrow Fellow in the Grass” A long time ago, before women had many of the rights that they do now, an author wrote a series of poems that shocked the public. This poem startled the readers when they found out that the author of this poem was a woman. At the time that “986” was written women were supposed to remain abstinent for the man who …

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…that. Now if you were to be a person and you had read this poem, you too would be able to notice the sexual content that is present in this poem. Even if you might not have seen it the first time around, the material is there. And Freud can pick out some of the basic things, and with the help of imagery it is easy to see the sexual content and analyze their meanings.