A Mirror Has Two Faces Connecting with Our Animal Nature in

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A Mirror Has Two Faces: Connecting with Our Animal Nature in James Dickey's novel Deliverance I remember watching nature shows on television and seeing natural predation. There on the screen lions stalk, chase, kill, and eat their prey. A true vision of animal nature. Humans are also animals, therefore, possessing animal nature. This animal nature can be witnessed every fall as thousands of hunters across the United States forge into the woods to stalk, kill, …

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…on life. Ed doesn't have the same fascination for wild things as he once did because he found his wildness, his animal nature, "I still loved the way she looked, but her gold halved eye had lost its fascination. Its place was in the night river, in the land of impossibility (277)." Ed is now complete with his two halves, human nature and animal nature, he is now whole. Bibliography Dickey, James. Deliverance. New York: Delta, 1994.