A Man For All Seasons,by Robert Bolt (St. Thomas More)

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In Robert Bolt's Play, A Man For All Seasons, we are presented with a historical character of inexorable integrity, Sir Thomas More. More is drawn unwillingly into a situation where he must choose between expediency or his principles. More's decision is consistant through out the entirety of the play as he remains intensely loyal to his conscience and is unable to abandon his religious beliefs, even if it ultimately means his own tragic demise. The …

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…have been easy). (Bolt xiii) More did not choose martyrdom, but simply to remain true to his religious beliefs, at any cost. BIBLIOGRAPHY Bolt, Robert. A Man For All Seasons. Toronto: Irwin, 1963. Coles Editorial Board, ed. A Man For All Seasons: Notes. Toronto: Coles, 1994. Hodges, John C., et al. Harbrace College Handbook For Canadian Writers. 4th ed. Toronto: Harcourt, 1994. Houghton Mifflin Co. The American Heritage Dictionary & Roget's II: The New Thesaurus. electronic ed. China: Seiko, 1993.