A Good Man is Hard To Find

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Allusion in O’Conner’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” A good man is hard to find. An allusion of an old woman looking for good blood in her son, and possible her (late) husband, only to find out, it’s actually the grandmother who lacks good blood. O’Conner states that the grandmother wants to go to Tennesee to see some of her ‘other connections’ (paragraph 1). This is an allusion that she …

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…devil. The allusion of an old woman, geared towards her son and possibly her (late) husband to change them into good men, fails her. Her frustration of being trapped in her past eventually comes to a grotesque murder of her and her family. O’Conner’s writing compels the reader to believe everything is going to have a happy ending, only to pull the wall over the reader’s eyes with an allusion of evil.