"A Double Sidded Mirror" - An interesting interpetation on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. All quotes are sited.

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Although Victor Frankenstein and his Creation seem to be completely different on the surface, it isn't too far fetched to believe that these two living beings share something in common. Victor shunned his Creation for the monster he seemed to be. Was this simple superficiality? Or was Victor Frankenstein seeing qualities of himself within this so called monster? It may seem as if two beings that look so different may have absolutely nothing in common, …

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…night", took Elizabeth's life. He, too, needed vengeance. They are one in the same, Victor and his Creation. Whatever their motivation, they both took the same actions. They both desired the very same things. Although they went about their tasks differently ... they both had the same tragic outcome, one no more cruel and resentful than the other. Perhaps Victor was truly the "monster" here, equally as wicked. Or, perhaps, they weren't very different at all.