A Doll's House, theme of Imprisonment

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Imprisonment in A Doll’ s House In a Doll’ s House, a certain number of imprisonment effects are at hand. Characters such as Nora or Kristine, are condemned either by poverty or by the situation or even by the role that women were expected to play and accept in this very conventional society, regardless of the fact that they were, despite this, respected and considered as the “pillars” of society. In the play “A Doll’…

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…Another character who appears being victim of imprisonment is Krogstad. He is not imprisoned as much as Nora but still is because of his earlier actions. He “apparently” misconducted himself at the bank as Helmer claims and is thereafter fired. For him and from his point of view the solution is to gain back the respect he used to have “ I must try to win back as much respect as I can in the town.”