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A Different mirror: A History of Multicultural America Ronald Takaki is one of the foremost-recognized scholars of multicultural studies and holds a PhD. in American History from the University of California, Berkeley. As a professor of Ethnic Studies at the same university, he wrote A Different Mirror: a History of Multicultural America as a fantastic new telling of our nationís history. The book narrates the composition of the many different people of the United …

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…and fabulous life El Norte. Ronald Takaki closes his book, a Different Mirror: a History of Multicultural America, with the 1992 Los Angeles racial explosion. The novel is a timely exploration of how racism has partitioned our society, destroying inner cities and disrupting our learning experiences. Mr. Takaki tries to explain that our culture needs to comprehend the tangible reality of multicultural society in order to maintain cooperation and peace in the present and near future.