A Deeper Meaning

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A Deeper Meaning Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Shortly after his birth, his father deserted him and his mother passed away soon after that. He grew up to be a troubled young man. He fell in love with his beloved wife, and shortly after that she died. He passed away alone and unhappy. Poe's life was almost as dark and depressing as the fiction he produced. In "The Fall of the …

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…example of how the twins got subdued in their own predicament. Madeline could have gotten revenge on her twin brother; However, both of them paid the ultimate consequence when the falling of the house had occurred. Poe took his writing to the next level of meaning. The story was based on symbolism and allegory. After the reader has read the story, he gets an idea of how distraught the Usher family really was. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**