A Case Study in Diversity India and Romania

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A Case Study in Diversity: India and Romania The WWW of most URLís (Uniform/Universal Resource Locatorís) literally translated, means the WORLD WIDE WEB. As such, one would think that it would be easy to find information and sites from virtually any point in the world. To some extent, this is the case -- but it can be very difficult. As a large part of our assignment was the comparison of the SAWNET (…

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…or publications available in the different regional Indian languages (as far as I could find). I did find a link to Scilet, a site of Indian literature (http://WWW.SCILET.ORG/), but all the publications had been translated into English, and are unavailable in their original form. Perhaps SAWNET could look to other cultural sites, like Virtual Romania, as examples on how to present and promote their diverse culture to computer-chair travelers and emigrants alike.