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TYPEWRITERS: AN ENDANGERED SPECIES? For well over a decade, experts in office automation have predicted the demise of the typewriter. In their view the computer is destined to tale over the word processing role enjoyed by the typewriter for over a century. Yet, a recent report (Fernberg, 1989, 49-50) indicates that electronic typewriter shipments over the last three years averaged about a billion dollars a year. Further, the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association projects that …

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…with full-page displays, diskette storage, and complete text-editing capabilities. The price range varies with the amount of advanced features included. Some machines are upgradable so that the appropriate level of sophistication can be obtained without replacing machines. REFERENCES Audion, Mark. "Using Electronic Typewriters: the Basics, Plus…." Today's Office, July 1986, 55-64. Fernberg, Patricia M. "Electronic Typewriters: Understanding the Product." Modern Office Technology, March 1989, 48-50. Paez, Patricia. "Typewriters: Technology with an Easy Touch." Today's Office, September 1985, 55-72.