A Book Report and Personal Reflection on "The Power of One" by Bryce Courtenay.

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In my experience as a student, I have read a countless number of stories for both school and pleasure. While I made an honest attempt to enjoy the novels assigned to me by my teachers to the same degree as those I have chosen myself, I must admit that most novels did not come close to Tom Clancy's Debt of Honor or Jeffery Deaver's The Blue Nowhere. This is especially the case when my deadline …

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…goal to become the Welterweight Champion of the World. When Peakay has returned home, he finds his mother a born-again Christian, who encourages him to allow the Lord into his heart, a task which he strongly opposes and takes every possible measure to resist. Peakay also meets "Doc" a German professor of music and a cactus fanatic, and enters public school, where his boarding school experience has placed him years ahead of the other students