AWACS and the AST

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BACKGROUND PAPER ON THE AWACS COUNTER-DRUG MISSION AND HOW THE AST HELPS 1. Mayhem! Chaos! Lives Destroyed! Drugs ruin many lives and it does not stop with the user. Some people are going to do whatever it takes to get drugs into the United States. United States Customs officials reported during fiscal year 2000 that over 200 tons of drugs were seized valued at almost $372 million, and arrested 3,491 individuals. How do the United States Air Force Airborne Warning …

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…AWACS and the AST have an important role in the elimination of illegal drugs. 4. AWACS and the AST are well prepared to perform their role in the war against drugs. With the help of the United States Customs and other vital agencies, we will put a stop to harmful drugs making their way into the United States and ruining countless lives. Together, we can make a difference. Mayhem! Chaos! Lives destroyed! Not in my world!