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ATTRIBUTION The Waco incident, was the government in the wrong, or did the Davidians provoke the situation. Many people have different opinions, although they are based on what the government has let us know, only the agents there really know the truth at this point. Brad Knickerbocker, author of “The Explosive Force of Domestic Terrorism” in the magazine The Christian Science Monitor, believes the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah federal building was a retaliation …

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…Knickerbocker used statements released to form his opinion. This is a perfect example of the government using its power not only to manipulate the facts but also to manipulate public opinion by keeping them in the dark about certain facts and shoving others in there face. Bibliography Knickerbocker, Brad “The Explosive Force of Domestic Terrorism” Christian Science Monitor, 1/2/96, Vol. 88 Issue 25, p.8 Bovard, James “Some Key Questions for the Waco Hearings” Human Events, 7/21/95, Vol. 51 Issue 28, p.1