AP Essay: Excerpt from Ignor Stravinsky. Rhetorical modes Stravinsky uses in order to convey his point of view.

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In this passage, Stravinsky discusses orchestra conductors, making observations and conclusions concerning their true necessity. He seemingly has carefully studied conductors' behavior and effectively conveys his view to the reader. To present his point of view clearly, Stravinsky makes use of diction, satirical statements, and comparisons. Stravinsky manipulates his diction throughout the passage. He often uses quotations to place emphasis on certain words. His placement of quotes around the words "great" and "style" encourage the …

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…well. He mentions that conductors must play a role to appear great. Also expressed in the passage is that most audiences know very little about the music being performed, therefore allowing the conductor to merely show the audience how to feel and react. In conclusion, Stravinsky attacks the actual necessity and overall role of orchestra conductors. Throughout he effectively uses distinct rhetorical devices and language and, in turn, successfully conveys his inclusive perception of them.