ABRAHAM LINCOLN One of the Greatest Orators of Our Time

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On February 12, 1809 a boy was born unto Thomas and Nancy Lincoln in a one room log cabin on Nolin Creek near Hodgenville, Kentucky. Who would know that this son of a farmer and a boy with not much education would grow up to be not only the 16th President of the United States but also one of the most famous speakers in history. I will chronicle for you some of the most remembered and effective …

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…President, is cut short by his untimely death. During the play “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theater on April 14, 1865, Lincoln was killed by a bullet to the head by John Wilkes Booth. President Abraham Lincoln dies at 7:22 in the morning on April 15, 1865. The public addresses of Abraham Lincoln allow us to learn fundamental aspects of public speaking. Due to his outstanding ability to communicate, teaches us still today, the effectiveness of great speech communication.