5 Generals of the Civil War

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5 Generals of the Civil War Colonel Benjamin H. Grierson was a union soldier that led his men through the key southern transportation states of Mississippi and Louisiana. Him and his men totally believed in the scorched earth policy. The policy was to destroy anything that their opponent can use against them or demolish anything that the enemy can use to better their chances of victory. The main battle, that made a name for Colonel Benjamin …

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…and his best friend, General Lewis Armistead, were fighting against each other he did not back down. Hancock was shot down in Pickett’s Charge, and fell about one-hunderd feet away from Arminstead. Even with their general down the North still prevail in Pickett’s Charge. Thanks to General Hancock’s army and his tactics skills the North manages to stop the South once again. This victory was the turning point of the Civil War.